Welcome to 41 Jefferson St.

Located within yards of the center of historic downtown Newnan, Georgia, 41 Jefferson Street is an affordable solution for the small entreprenuer in need of an individual office suite. The building was originally constructed as a dental office, and the converted suites provide a great setting for businessmen and women in Coweta County who have need of a limited office environment.

In addition to its great location with easy access at the intersection of Posey Place and Jefferson Street, the building features a shared kitchenette and multiple restrooms. Lease prices are based on square footage and include utilities (water, power, air conditioning, heat, and internet access).

Office space is currently available.

Contact Information

Walter Stephens, (678) 939-4023, mail (at) wriphe.com



Current Tenants

CGet In Man Auto Sales
FCC&F Automobiles
GNexlevel Auto Sales
IWalton Properties & Tax Services
BBSparrow & Sons Auto Sales
CCWare Auto Sales
3/EECope Used Dealer LLC


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